Wrington Parish - Application for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area

Application for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area

Wrington Parish Council has submitted an application to North Somerset Council for the designation of a Neighbourhood Area for the purpose of preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Neighbourhood Area relates to the whole of the Parish of Wrington.

The Parish Council consider that this is an appropriate area because:

  1. The area is wholly administered by Wrington Parish Council
  2. The area proposed for designation is the historical parish of Wrington, with minor recent boundary changes. The plan will address issues which concern the village itself, the closely linked smaller village of Redhill and the wider rural parish area, recognising Wrington’s identity and community spirit within it’s green belt and countryside setting.
  3. The Neighbourhood Plan will make reference to the Wrington Parish Plan, which was completed in 2010 and considered the views of all the households in Wrington.

In accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 the Parish Council are the appropriate body to make this application.

A map showing the area covered by the Parish is detailed below.

Wrington Map