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  • Avatar Customer Service strategy

    We are seeking your views on our new draft customer service strategy

    Open from 25 Jan 2022 to 08 Mar 2022

  • School Term Dates 2023/24

    School employers are required to set the term dates of their school year. Employers are: the local authority in community, voluntary controlled, community special schools and maintained nursery schools; the governing body in foundation and voluntary aided schools; the academy trust in academies and free schools. For the 2022/2023 academic year the Council is consulting on a 195 day model where the 5 in service training days will be taken within these dates. The dates have been coordinated with our neighbouring authorities to ensure we consult on similar dates.

    Open from 10 Jan 2022 to 20 Feb 2022

  • Avatar Weston Central Children's Centre is changing

    We are moving the premises of the Weston Central Children's Centre from Meadow Street to the Carlton Centre and would like to know if that affects you and also to hear your suggestions for changes to the service we offer

    Open from 22 Dec 2021 to 09 Feb 2022

  • Updated School Admission Arrangements for North Somerset Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools 2023-24

    The Community and Voluntary Controlled Admissions Arrangements were last consulted on for the 2020-21 intake. It is proposed that changes are made, which require consultation

    Open from 09 Dec 2021 to 21 Jan 2022

  • Updated Coordinated Admission Schemes for 2023-24

    This is an updated consultation which asks your views about the proposed coordinated admission schemes for 2023-24. Please read the documents and let us know your views online. Previous responses to the terminated consultation will also be taken into account. All Local Authorities in England are required, under the School Admissions Code, to operate a coordinated scheme. All Infant, Junior, Primary and Secondary Schools within North Somerset are participants within these Schemes.

    Open from 09 Dec 2021 to 21 Jan 2022

  • Avatar Gambling Act 2005 – Statement of Principles 2022-2025

    Revision of the Statement of Principle under the Gambling Act 2005

    Open from 01 Dec 2021 to 04 Jan 2022

  • Avatar Consultation on our Licensing Act 2003, Statement of Licensing Policy 2021-2024

    Revision of Statement of Licencing Policy 2021-2024, a statutory requirement of the Authority under the Licensing act 2003.

    Open from 01 Dec 2021 to 04 Jan 2022

  • Consultation on School Funding Arrangements for the 2022-23 Financial Year

    This 'Fair Funding' consultation is to ask you what you think about the North Somerset Strategic Schools Forum plans for how the 'minor national funding arrangements' will be introduced in North Somerset. It will mainly be of interest to school heads, heads of governors and bursars at schools, though anyone is welcome to take part. Taking part does require you to read and understand the consultation document. If you are answering on behalf of an organisation (e.g. a school) we require a single official response from your organisation. We will publish a list of which organisations have taken part but will not attribute any responses to any named organisations. So, once you have read that document, please let us know your views about the recommendations and how they can be implemented using this online questionnaire, before 8pm Friday 17 December 2021. The questionnaire is designed to be accessible to all. If you need it in another format, contact Emma Whitehead

    Open from 26 Nov 2021 to 17 Dec 2021

  • Avatar Name engagement for Weston's Sovereign Centre

    North Somerset Council is asking the public to choose a new name for Weston’s Sovereign Centre.

    Open from 29 Nov 2021 to 13 Dec 2021

  • School Admission Arrangements for North Somerset Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools 2023-24

    This consultation asks your views about the proposed admission arrangements for North Somerset Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools 2023-24

    Open from 16 Nov 2021 to 09 Dec 2021

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