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Consultation on School Funding Arrangements for the 2023-24 Financial Year
This 'Fair Funding' consultation is to ask you what you think about the North Somerset Strategic Schools Forum plans for how the 'minor national funding arrangements' will be introduced in North Somerset. It will mainly be of interest to school heads, heads of governors and bursars at schools, though anyone is welcome to take part. Taking part does require you to read and understand the consultation document. If you are answering on behalf of an organisation (e.g. a school) we require a single official response from your organisation. We will publish a list of which organisations have taken part but will not attribute any responses to any named organisations. So, once you have read that document, please let us know your views about the recommendations and how they can be implemented using this online questionnaire, before midnight Friday 23 December 2022. The questionnaire is designed to be accessible to all. If you need it in another format, contact Emma Whitehead

28 Nov 2022 - 23 Dec 2022
2024/25 School Admission Arrangements Consultation
This consultation applies to North Somerset's Primary and Secondary Coordinated Schemes.

28 Nov 2022 - 31 Jan 2023
Active Travel Action Plans
What do you think about our plans to promote active (non motorised) travel

09 Jan 2023 - 20 Feb 2023
School Term Dates 2024/25
We are consulting on our school term dates for 2024/2025

10 Jan 2023 - 20 Feb 2023
Portishead Neighbourhood Plan revisions to Figure 14, explanatory note and amendment- additional Regulation 16 consultation
The examiner for the Portishead Neighbourhood Plan requested that the Town Council provide a revised Figure 14 map to show the boundaries of "valued employment sites" to which policy PPE1 applies and that this should be subject to a further period of consultation under Regulation 16 of The Neighbourhood Plan (General) Regulations 2012

31 Jan 2023 - 21 Feb 2023
North Somerset Local Flood Risk Management Strategy
This consultation is now closed. It shared the draft Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and sought feedback on the content and proposals to make North Somerset more flood resilient

09 Feb 2023 - 06 Apr 2023
North Somerset Electric Vehicle Strategy
This consultation is now closed. We presented a draft strategy for increasing the uptake of electric vehicles until 2030 and sought views on it.

14 Feb 2023 - 06 Apr 2023
Consultation on Top-Up Funding
This consultation is now closed. The original text is kept here, 'for the record'. We would like to find out the views of professionals, educators, parents (and anyone interested) about our proposals for the way extra ('Top Up') funding is allocated for children with special educational needs and disabilities, including the links to between Top Up funding and Education, Health and Care Plans.

07 Mar 2023 - 18 Apr 2023
Gypsy and Traveller Call for Sites Featured
North Somerset Council are embarking on a search for potential new Gypsy and Traveller sites. New sites are required to ensure that the identified needs of Gypsies and Travellers in North Somerset are met through the allocation of suitable and sustainable sites. As part of the site search North Somerset Council are undertaking a "Call for Sites" exercise where landowners are invited to put forward land which they consider to be suitable for assessment as a Gypsy and Traveller Site.

03 Apr 2023 - 09 May 2023