Portishead Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation

Portishead Neighbourhood Plan 2022-2038

Priorities for Wyndham Way Study Area

Wyndham Way Study Area


6.5 North Somerset Council are leading a partnership with Portishead Town Council and Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI), one of the key land owners, to work together to guide future development of land between the High Street, the Marina and the planned new transport hub, known as the Wyndham Way Study Area (WWSA).

6.6 The identified boundary of the WWSA reflects areas where change is considered possible and also where it could help to unlock potential wider benefits such as new routes and connections or improved use of previously developed, ‘brownfield’, land.

6.7 The WWSA forms part of Portishead town centre. Allocated sites within the WWSA include Old Mill Road (mixed use development), Gordano Gate (employment use) and Harbour Road / Gordano Gate (residential). There are further allocations beyond the WWSA boundary, and the High Street is designated as a Primary Shopping Area.

6.8 The study area contains existing employment and retail uses that make an existing contribution to the value and offer of the town centre and local employment opportunities. These valued uses are protected by Neighbourhood Plan town centre and employment policies PTC1 and PPE1. Proposals that may come forward for these sites will only be supported where these uses and employment are retained.

6.9 The WWSA is adjacent to land reserved in the Local Plan for the construction of a new integrated transport hub for Portishead including a railway station. It will be essential that all proposals for the study area do not prejudice delivery of this facility and are fully connected to it.

6.10 Work on the Neighbourhood Plan has identified some emerging priorities for the community for the Wyndham Way Study Area. These are summarised in the Wyndham Way Emerging Community Priorities Document (2022).

FIG 17: Wyndham Way Study Area:

Figure 17 Wyndham Way Study Area

Relevant Objective

O12 To deliver a connected, accessible, inclusive, attractive, vibrant and distinctive town centre at the heart of Portishead’s community and economic life.

To provide input and policy support to enable and require North Somerset Council to secure the delivery of high quality, sustainable employment-led development and regeneration of land within the Wyndham Way Study Area.

Local Policy Context

  • CS1: Addressing climate change and carbon reduction
  • CS10: Transportation and Movement 
  • CS20: Supporting a successful economy
  • DM47: Proposals for economic development within towns and defined settlements
  • DM22: Existing and proposed railway lines


The Town Council will continue to work in partnership with North Somerset Council and landowners to progress future plans for the Wyndham Way Study Area as defined in Figure 17.

In particular, regard will be given to:

  • Addressing Portishead’s community needs and aspirations for the area, evidenced by Neighbourhood Plan and North Somerset Council public consultation feedback relating to the Wyndham Way Study Area development framework and any subsequent adopted SPD.
  • Ensuring the ongoing viability of existing valued employment and town centre retail uses within the study area is protected
  • Ensuring proposals are fully integrated with proposals for Portishead Railway Station and contribute to delivery of sustainable transportation and active travel policies and North Somerset Council parking standards.