Portishead Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation

Portishead Neighbourhood Plan 2022-2038

Policy PPT6: Development Proposals and Travel Planning


5.70 Transport and traffic is a major issue and priority for Portishead’s community. The existing highway network is often heavily congested. Any major development within the town is likely to exacerbate this issue unless it can minimise the need for car use and maximise public transport use and walking and cycling choices. In addition to directly delivering necessary infrastructure, any development should also adopt measures to embed use of these modes from the outset. Travel Plans can set out how this is achieved to optimum effect.

5.71 North Somerset Council Portishead Town Council and relevant landowners are leading the “Placemaking Plan” master planning to guide the potential development of The Wyndham Way study area. The area may accommodate significant development within the lifetime of the Neighbourhood Plan and potentially beyond, including a linking to the new railway station and local highway network. The scale of change will require a comprehensive master planned approach to design of sustainable and active travel infrastructure to be delivered through major development proposals.

5.72 North Somerset Local Plan will address any proposal for allocation of land for strategic housing growth. This will be likely to be at the edge of Portishead’s existing developed area. Proposals for any associated development would be likely to represent major development.

5.73 The Neighbourhood Plan will only support development proposals which would generate significant amounts of movement when they are submitted with a Travel Plan that demonstrates the proposal meets criteria set out in North Somerset policy DM26, and is compliant with the North Somerset Travel Planning Supplementary Planning Document.

Relevant Objective

O13 To deliver an integrated, sustainable, accessible and inclusive transport network that encourages active travel and reduces congestion within Portishead.

Local Policy Context

  • CS1: Addressing climate change and carbon reduction
  • CS10: Transportation and Movement
  • DM26: Travel Plans
  • DM24: Safety, traffic and provision of infrastructure, etc. associated with development
  • North Somerset Travel Plans SPD


Applications for development of 10 homes or more must be submitted with a Travel Plan in accordance with North Somerset Local Plan Policy DM26 (Travel Plans) and the North Somerset Travel Plans SPD (2010) (or any subsequent adopted version).

Proposals for major development proposals will only be supported where the travel plan demonstrates that opportunities to enable active and low carbon transport choices, community safety, inclusive accessibility and avoidance of adverse transport impacts on residential amenity and business vitality within Portishead has been achieved.

Any master plan and major development proposals within the Wyndham Way redevelopment area will only be supported when it is submitted with a policy compliant travel plan. This must take account of pre-existing and future transport demands and infrastructure identified within an approved Wyndham Way “Placemaking Plan” or master plan.


  • Town Council commitment to involvement in Railway Station development