Portishead Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation

Portishead Neighbourhood Plan 2022-2038

Policy PPT4: Parking


5.53 Community feedback identified parking as a key issue for many people within Portishead. In particular, the tight knit development of “The Village Quarter” has been a hotspot of incidents of inconsiderate parking and obstruction of the highway.

5.54 Town centre parking is valued in supporting local business vitality, and parking adjacent to the coast, Lake Grounds and Lido supports its leisure and visitor economy.

5.55 Many of Portishead’s existing homes were constructed without car parking provision. Some older homes with garages are now too small to accommodate today’s cars. Garages are also re-purposed as storage or living accommodation.

5.56 The rise in car ownership places further pressure on highway space for parking. It also results in the replacement of front garden landscape with hard standing, removing on-street parking and valuable green infrastructure and increasing run-off thus putting further pressure on the overloaded drainage system.

5.57 North Somerset Policy CS11 provides district level direction for provision of and changes to car parking. The adopted and updated Parking Standards supplementary planning guidance document (2020) sets new standards for all new development including increased garage size, and car and cycle parking provision for homes and businesses.

5.58 In line with North Somerset’s aspiration to become carbon neutral by 2030, North Somerset Council ‘s emerging spatial strategy is supportive of development that provides lower levels of car parking in accessible locations that are well served by public and active modes of travel, have good local facilities and are less reliant on private vehicle ownership. Proposals must be accompanied by sufficient evidence to demonstrate that a lower level of parking will not have a detrimental impact on local highway conditions.

5.59 However, whilst the Neighbourhood Plan acknowledges the primary goal of reducing car ownership and usage, parking issues remain a priority for local people in Portishead.

5.60 Where no planning permission is required for changes to property and uses, associated impact on car parking cannot be controlled. Where planning controls can be applied, the Neighbourhood Plan will expect current district parking standards to be applied to prevent intensification of car parking issues through inappropriate enlargement of houses or changes of use that generate additional parking demands.

5.61 Public car parks at the town centre and at leisure attractions are valued. But all members of the community need to be able to utilise this valued space including those in greatest need of car parking, bicycles and ultra-low emission vehicles.

5.62 The Neighbourhood Plan will support proposals to manage existing and new car parks to maximise their contribution to making travel accessible and sustainable.

5.63 It is recognised that future improvements to public transport may be able to alleviate some of the existing parking issues in Portishead. During the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan, it was highlighted that many residents are currently unable to utilise the available public transport due to a perceived unrealiability as well as timetabling practicalities - these issues need to be resolved in order to encourage more people to use public transport and make a contribution towards improving parking issues in the Neighbourhood Area.

Relevant Objective

O13 To deliver an integrated, sustainable, accessible and inclusive transport network that encourages active travel and reduces congestion within Portishead.

Local Policy Context

  • CS1: Addressing Climate Change and Carbon Reduction
  • CS10: Transportation and Movement
  • CS11: Parking
  • DM28: Parking Standards
  • DM29: Car Parks
  • North Somerset Parking Standards SPD 2021


Parking Standards Residential and non-residential development proposals will be expected to conform with North Somerset council’s Revised Parking Standards SPD (2021).

Car Parking Provision

Proposals that would result in the loss of parking will only be supported where they conform with North Somerset Council’s Revised Parking Standards SPD (2021).

Car Parks

Proposals that re-prioritise existing car parking to increase provision for disabled people, ultra-low emission vehicle charging and secured cycle parking will be supported.