Portishead Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation

Portishead Neighbourhood Plan 2022-2038

Policy PPT2: Encouraging Active Travel for Leisure and Recreation


5.43 The benefits of walking and cycling for recreation and leisure for our health and wellbeing are widely reported. Portishead’s outstanding environment presents a particularly distinct opportunity to harness its benefits. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted just how important it is to be able to get out and about in our local environment and to exercise locally. The pandemic also created a shift where lots of people interacted with their familiar surroundings in new ways; appreciating what’s on their doorstep and spending more time outdoors.

5.44 From our coastline, to ancient woodland, to the Marina and High Street; Portishead has a distinct wealth of attractive areas and features for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Many people already take advantage of the extensive public right of way network that links a number of these assets.

5.45 Portishead has key strategic green transport routes used for recreation including the English coastal path and National Cycle Route 26, which links Portishead to Easton-in-Gordano and further west towards Bristol along the Pill Path.

5.46 During the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan, the working groups identified an opportunity to better link our assets and strategic routes through wayfinding signage, interpretation and better maintenance. But securing their protection and delivering connections to these routes must be a baseline action.

5.47 The overall aim is to deliver improved connections that will enable all of our community to access and enjoy Portishead’s open spaces, landscape, heritage and leisure facilities as well as make connections into the strategic footpath network. More information on this can be found in the Green and Blue Infrastructure Evidence Base Report 2022.

Relevant Objective

O10 To ensure all residents have easy access to local green, blue and open spaces, and to promote environments and transport networks that offer all individuals and communities the greatest potential to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

O13 To deliver an integrated, sustainable, accessible and inclusive transport network that encourages active travel and reduces congestion within Portishead

Local Policy Context

  • CS9: Green Infrastructure
  • CS10: Transportation and Movement
  • CS26: Supporting healthy living and the provision of health care facilities
  • DM25: Public rights of way, pedestrian and cycle access


Walking and cycling routes that connect Portishead’s coastline, woodland landscapes, town centre and marina to its local neighbourhoods will be protected and enhanced to enable and encourage walking and cycling for leisure, health and wellbeing.

Development proposals and engineering works that maintain or enhance existing strategic public rights of way and permissive footpaths and connections to them will be supported.

Portishead Town Council will support the enhancement and extension of the sections of strategic walking and cycling routes within Portishead, including:

  • The South West Coastal Path
  • National Cycle Network Route 26
  • Gordano Greenway
  • Cycle route along full length of Portbury Ditch on both sides
  • Cycle lane from Portishead to Clapton in Gordano
  • Cycle lane from Sheepway to Portbury using Gypsy Lane with a safe crossing across the A369


Portishead Town Council will work with the community, landowners, neighbouring parishes, local partners and North Somerset Council to protect, enhance and extend Portishead’s pedestrian and cycling network.

A priority will be the delivery of a connected and accessible “leisure walking loop” within the town. This will harness existing public rights of way and provide new and improved connections that will enable all of our community to access and enjoy Portishead’s open spaces, landscape, heritage and leisure facilities as well as make connections into the strategic footpath network.

Other actions:

  • Key Routes to School Project
  • Improvements to infrastructure (e.g. dropped kerbs and disabled parking) for older people and people with a disability should be made where appropriate.
  • The Town Council will explore the means of prevention of pavement parking where it is considered to be a hazard.