Portishead Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation

Portishead Neighbourhood Plan 2022-2038

Policy PPE4: Digital Connectivity and Telecommunications


5.26 The quality of digital connectivity is critical to the success of Portishead’s business growth, at employment buildings and sites and for homeworking. For Portishead, digital communication quality was identified as a key factor in discussions with employers undertaken during preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan (Employment and Business Survey Analysis 2021). It also has the potential to make a significant contribution to reducing commuting and its carbon emissions by supporting working from home and digital conferencing. COVID-19 remains a threat to business continuity, and businesses that are able to connect with customers and do business online are significantly more resilient to its impacts on society.

5.27 Core Strategy employment policy CS20 links to Development Management Policy DM48; Broadband, requires housing developments above 10 dwellings and employment proposals above 200 sqm to be flexibly connected to high speed broadband provision.

5.28 The Neighbourhood Plan recognises the heightened importance of enabling and maintaining digital connectivity to the highest standard for Portishead. Over the lifetime of the plan, it is likely that technologies will change. Installation of future proofed infrastructure will be vital. Whilst future broadband infrastructure may be largely delivered beneath ground, it will also be necessary to be ready for the installation of new infrastructure that could affect the appearance of buildings or streetscape.

5.29 The strategic policy framework and Neighbourhood Plan combine policies to ensure such proposals can be managed to protect character and amenity and health. However, the Neighbourhood Plan provides in principle support for proposals that ensure Portishead’s businesses and residents can have access to the latest and highest quality of digital connectivity.

Relevant Objective

O11 To support Portishead’s economy and local employment, and support the continued development of a diverse, high value and low carbon economy.

Local Policy Context

  • CS20: Supporting a successful economy
  • DM48: Broadband


Development proposals that contribute to providing Portishead’s residents, businesses and community facilities with access to state-of-the-art digital connectivity will be supported where development protects the amenity of neighbouring residents and the character of Portishead (as set out in the Portishead Community Character Statement).