Portishead Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation

Portishead Neighbourhood Plan 2022-2038

Policy PPE3: Supporting Low Carbon Local Business


Climate change and sustainable development principles are woven through the Neighbourhood Plan. Core Strategy Policy CS1 states that all development should demonstrate a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, including through reducing energy demand through good design, and utilising renewable energy. Policy is now underpinned by the North Somerset Council Climate Strategy and Action Plan towards achieving a carbon neutral area by 2030. Portishead Town Council has committed to embedding sustainable development into the Neighbourhood Plan and its own activities.

The Town Council will support development proposals for both new low carbon business investment and existing business investment in technology and equipment that contribute towards achieving carbon neutrality within the area by 2030.

Relevant Objective

O11 To support Portishead’s economy and local employment, and support the continued development of a diverse, high value and low carbon economy.

Local Policy Context

  • CS20: Supporting a successful economy.
  • DM47: Proposals for economic development within towns and defined settlements


Proposals for development that will enable local businesses to contribute to delivery of The North Somerset Climate Emergency Strategic Action Plan, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality within North Somerset by 2030, will be supported, where proposals do not harm Portishead’s character (as set out in the Portishead Community Character Statement) and residential amenity. Proposals for the development of new green technology and low carbon employment will be particularly supported in principle.

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