Portishead Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation

Portishead Neighbourhood Plan 2022-2038

Policy PWH6: Homes for Elderly, Disabled and Vulnerable People


4.52 18.5% of the North Somerset population and 33% of households in the district contain one or more persons with a long term illness. There is forecast to be a 54% increase in people over the age of 65 in Portishead during the Neighbourhood Plan period. Aging and illness bring changing mobility needs and the highest possible proportion of our new homes need to be designed to make it possible for local people to live in homes that enable them to lead inclusive and active lifestyles that meet changing needs.

4.53 North Somerset Core Strategy policy CS15 (Mixed and balanced communities) recognises the importance of providing a choice of housing to meet changing needs of the community. Development management policy DM40 (Retirement accommodation and supported independent living for older and vulnerable people) enables supported living developments in accessible locations meeting the needs of older people. It also requires developments of more than 100 homes to consider the accommodation needs of older people. The emerging North Somerset Policy DP47 (Older persons accommodation) continues to support supported living choices for older people to meet changing needs. All new supported living development for older people should be sustainably located close to local facilities and carers. It should be of a quality of space and design to provide a good standard of healthy living for all residents.

4.54 To help respond to Portishead’s forecast age profile, support will be given to schemes that make a positive contribution to meeting Portishead’s particular supported living needs subject to being in accordance with Development Management policy DM40 and any adopted replacement Local Plan policy. Due to Portishead’s recorded shortage of housing, proposals must not result in the loss of existing smaller and affordable housing, which is protected by Neighbourhood Plan policies PWH1 and PWH2.

4.55 The Portishead “Wyndham Way Placemaking Study” being led by North Somerset Council, in partnership with Portishead Town Council, aims to guide the future development of the Wyndham Way area to create a new mixed use community at the heart of the town. This highly sustainable and well-connected area provides an opportunity within Portishead to deliver new supported housing.

Relevant Objective

O8 To protect Portishead’s stock of one and two bedroom and accessible homes, and ensure that any future housing that comes forward to meet government targets contains a diverse range of tenures, forms and sizes to meet the identified housing needs of the community, protects and enhances Portishead’s distinct character and maintains resident amenity and highway safety.

Local Policy Context

  • CS15: Mixed and Balanced Communities
  • CS26: Supporting Healthy Living and the provision of health care facilities 
  • DM40: Retirement accommodation and supported independent living for older and vulnerable people
  • DM41: Nursing and care homes for older people and other vulnerable people


Proposals for age restricted housing for older people, extra care housing (Class C3) and residential nursing home facilities (Class C2) will be supported where they:

  • Are in conformity with North Somerset Development Management Policy DM40, and
  • Do not result in the loss of existing housing contrary to Neighbourhood Plan Policy PWH1: Protecting Portishead’s Existing Housing Stock, and
  • Are within 10 minutes safe and convenient walking distance of community facilities, shops, green space and public transport facilities and minimise the need for residents to use cars.