Portishead Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation

Portishead Neighbourhood Plan 2022-2038

Policy PWC2: New Community Facilities and Infrastructure


4.16 During the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan, residents made it clear that they felt there is a lack of provision of particular types of community facilities, and in particular areas.

4.17 Portishead has an active and vibrant community with a range of clubs, societies and groups that meet regularly. However, there is a lack of space within the town for these groups to hold events and meetings or use for storage; the few facilities that do exist are often booked up far in advance. Our surveys also identified a local demand for spaces for creative arts activities and health care facilities.

4.18 A key issue that arose through our community surveys was the need for more facilities for young people, and tackling this is a priority for the Town Council. Policy PWC2 supports the provision of facilities for young people, in particular a wheels and skate park, which is currently being planned for at the Lake Grounds.

4.19 As with policy PWC1, it is important any new community facilities are accessible to, and meet the needs of, everyone in our community. Policy PWC2 should therefore be considered particularly through the lens of UN SDGs 5 (Gender Equality), 10 (Reduced Inequalities) and 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), which promote inclusivity across gender, age, background, and ability.

4.20 Comments received throughout the preparation of the plan also indicated that the community feel there is a particular shortage of community facilities in older areas of Portishead (such as West Hill, Redcliffe Bay and Avon Way) as well as The Vale.

4.21 In line with North Somerset Local Plan policy DM69, the provision of new community facilities and infrastructure is supported within the settlement boundary where the facility is well related to the community, is in a sustainable and genuinely accessible location, does not negatively affect living conditions of neighbouring properties, and is designed to facilitate combining community needs (where appropriate).

Relevant Objective

O9 To protect and improve health, wellbeing, leisure and recreation opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities by protecting and expanding community facilities and spaces for community activities to ensure that Portishead is a welcoming, safe and accessible place for everyone.

Local Policy Context

  • CS25: Children, young people and higher education
  • CS26: Supporting healthy living and the provision of health care facilities
  • CS27: Sport, recreation and community facilities
  • DM69: Location of sporting, cultural and community facilities


Development proposals within the settlement boundary that improve the quality and range of community infrastructure shall be supported where the development:

a. has appropriate regard to the Portishead Community Character Statement, and

b. is genuinely accessible by a choice of modes of sustainable and active travel modes and to disabled, elderly and vulnerable people, and

c. will not result in unacceptable traffic movements or impact on residential amenity, and

d. will achieve North Somerset Council multi-modal parking standards for staff and visitors.

Specifically, development leading to the improvement of the quality or additional provision of the following community infrastructures should be looked at favourably:

  • Places to meet and socialise
  • Facilities for young people, for example a wheels and skate park
  • Improvements to Parish Wharf Leisure Centre
  • Improvements to the Lake Grounds
  • Additional health services and facilities
  • Facilities for the creative arts, particularly places to showcase art e.g. galleries, performance spaces.