Portishead Neighbourhood Plan Submission Consultation

Portishead Neighbourhood Plan 2022-2038

Area Based Policies and Community Actions


6.0 Portishead Town Centre and the Wyndham Way study area are at the heart of the town’s economic, community and cultural life. The shaping and future of both areas bring together development themes covered by the Neighbourhood Plan, but also, in the case of the town centre, very specific and distinct issues and opportunities. The Neighbourhood Plan therefore sets out clear and distinct policies for the town centre and provides conditions to inform support for future proposals that may emerge from Placemaking Plan proposals for the Wyndham Way Study Area.

6.1 Our town centre remains a vibrant local hub but it faces challenges from alternative forms of retailing and has recently suffered the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. These changes, together with changes in Government planning legislation, create a need for the Neighbourhood Plan to provide a locally distinct set of place specific policies to direct and guide its ongoing quality and long term vitality at the hub of the community. This may be reinforced by a future town centre strategy.

6.2 At the time of drafting the Neighbourhood Plan, the Wyndham Way Study Area is the focus of a regeneration and development strategy, being led by North Somerset Council, in partnership with the landowners and Portishead Town Council. The Placemaking Plan work has included a distinct stream of community engagement which has been referenced in drafting town centre Neighborhood Plan policies.

6.3 Upon adoption, North Somerset’s emerging guidance and policy framework will take the lead in setting the development agenda for the Wyndham Way study area. Neighbourhood Plan policy can inform how the proposals have regard to our community needs and priorities.

6.4 The Neighbourhood Plan can inform how the proposals have regard to our community needs and priorities. However, the Town Council’s input is distinct and separate from its role as the “Qualifying Body” for the Neighbourhood Plan.