Abbots Leigh, Ham Green, Pill and Easton-in-Gordano Neighbourhood Plan consultation on submitted Neighbourhood Plan

Abbots Leigh, Ham Green, Pill and Easton-in-Gordano Neighbourhood Plan

4 Vision, principles, objectives and policies

4.1 Organisation of the Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan is based on a simple Vision behind which lie a set of three Principles which acknowledge that the Plan must reflect and respond to the past, the present and the future. Detailed description and analysis of the issues facing the community are covered in a set of Background Papers. These papers inform a set of Objectives followed by Policies and Development Proposals which are the key component of the final Plan.

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vision objectives and policies

4.2 Primary Objectives

The primary objectives of the Plan are

• Contribute to meeting local housing need through a mix of tenure, size and affordability.
• Minimise the impact of road traffic on congestion, parking, safety, and pollution.
• Encourage walking and cycling and ensure the accessibility, convenience and safety of cycle and walking routes.
• Sustain and enhance the landscape, ecology and biodiversity of the area whilst protecting its environmental assets.
• Respect, preserve and protect the history and the heritage of the built environment.
• Support the generation of local job opportunities for local people.
• Respond to climate change and move towards a carbon neutral neighbourhood.
• Protect, maintain and enhance Open Spaces, Rights of Way and pathways for walking and cycling.
• Celebrate and sustain the strengths, cohesion and inclusion of the diverse communities of the area.

We recognise that these objectives may pull in different directions and may sometimes appear contradictory. Not all the primary objectives can be met across the whole Neighbourhood Area. Meeting housing need may conflict with environmental conservation, new development may create traffic and fail to encourage walking and cycling. There have therefore been compromises which we hope our local communities will recognise and accept.