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  • Avatar Banwell Bypass and Highway Improvements Consultation Open Featured

    We are seeking your feedback on the favoured Banwell bypass route, any existing local issues that should be considered and additional proposals to reduce impacts of the road on Banwell and the surrounding area.

    Open from 05 Jul 2021 to 17 Aug 2021

  • Avatar Portishead Lake Grounds Closed Featured

    We are looking for your views on improvements to the Lake Grounds

    Open from 07 Jun 2021 to 02 Aug 2021

  • Avatar Sign up for the North Somerset Citizens' Panel (Your Voice) Open

    Are you interested in becoming part of the North Somerset Citizens' Panel? We need our residents to regularly share their views and ideas on a wide range of issues.

    Open from 07 Sep 2020 to 01 Sep 2022

  • Avatar Recycling and Waste Strategy Open

    Please give feedback on our draft Recycling and Waste Strategy. We want to understand whether our targets, aims and actions are right and if not, what we are missing.

    Open from 23 Jun 2021 to 18 Aug 2021

  • Avatar Banwell Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan Open

    North Somerset Council has worked with Banwell Parish Council and Banwell Society of Archaeology to produce a Draft Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan for Banwell Conservation Area.

    Open from 05 Jul 2021 to 16 Aug 2021

  • Avatar Proposals to improve the A38 Closed

    Asking your views about series of proposed improvements along the A38 for road users including those that cycle, walk, and use bus services. This major scheme is a joint venture between North Somerset Council and Somerset County Council with the majority of funding coming from the Department for Transport.

    Open from 24 Jun 2021 to 01 Aug 2021

  • Avatar Revised North Somerset Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document Closed

    The Revised North Somerset Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document has been prepared. We now invite feedback from members or the public, businesses and other interested stakeholders on the document.

    Open from 17 May 2021 to 28 Jun 2021

  • Avatar Active Travel Improvements at Baker Street and Milton Road, Weston-super-Mare Closed

    This is an opportunity for the public to provide feedback on proposals to provide active travel improvements at Baker Street and Milton Road in Weston super Mare.

    Open from 12 May 2021 to 23 Jun 2021

  • Avatar Middle Engine Pit, Nailsea Closed

    Please give your views on the draft management plan for Middle Engine Pit in Nailsea.

    Open from 26 Apr 2021 to 07 Jun 2021

  • Avatar Yatton High Street Pedestrian Safety Improvements Closed

    This package of improvements for pedestrian safety and access through Yatton is using funding from the new residential developments at North End Yatton to improve safety for people walking, cycling and using other forms of active travel between North End and Yatton village centre, including trips to and from school.

    Open from 29 Mar 2021 to 09 May 2021

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