The Future of adult social care in North Somerset

This consultation is now closed. For results contact the contact named in the following text. For the record, these are the consultation materials.

Please read our draft vision for adult social care and the appendix to it. Then let us know your views using this online questionnaire.

These are designed to be accessible. If you want them in another format, or to simply email your thoughts, contact Alun Davies at or phone on 01275 884 033.

If you are an organisation or group and you want to ask for an officer from the council to come and hear your views directly during the consultation period, contact Alun.

Providing quality social care that promotes wellbeing and ensures the best possible outcomes for people is becoming ever more challenging. Government funding has been falling while the population is growing and people are living longer with more complex conditions. This is happening in a period of rapid social, economic and technological change bringing new problems alongside new opportunities. This Vision sets out a clear direction for the future delivery of adult care services.  What are your views on the Vision?


























  • Opened
    29 Jan 2018 at 11:00
  • Closed
    23 Mar 2018 at 12:00
  • Response Published
    26 Apr 2018


Organisational Information

Contact Name Alun Davies
Job title Strategy and Policy Development Officer
Contact Email
Contact Telephone 01275 884 033

Project Information

Aim of this consultation To gather feedback which can improve our proposals.
Close Date 23 Mar 2018 12:00
Consultation Topic
  • Social care - families, addictions, adoption and domestic abuse
Context for this consultation Meeting the social care needs of a growing and ageing population is becoming more challenging each year, particularly in the context of continued reductions in government funding for local authorities. Rather than simply reduce services we would like to fundamentally re-think and re-design the way we respond to social care needs.