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  • Avatar North Somerset Electric Vehicle Strategy Featured

    We have written a draft strategy for increasing the uptake of electric vehicles until 2030. Now we want to hear your views on the strategy.

    Open from 14 Feb 2023 to 06 Apr 2023

  • Avatar North Somerset Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

    This consultation seeks to share the draft Local Flood Risk Management Strategy and seeks feedback on the content and proposals to make North Somerset more flood resilient

    Open from 09 Feb 2023 to 06 Apr 2023

  • Avatar Consultation on Top-Up Funding

    We would like to find out the views of professionals, educators, parents (and anyone interested) about our proposals for the way extra ('Top Up') funding is allocated for children with special educational needs and disabilities, including the links to between Top Up funding and Education, Health and Care Plans.

    Open from 07 Mar 2023 to 18 Apr 2023