Middle Engine Pit, Nailsea

Middle Engine Pit is also known as Elms Colliery.  It is a scheduled monument in Nailsea, containing a number of listed buildings.  It is amongst the most complete examples of a late 18th century English colliery and is a part of Nailsea's rich coal mining history. 

It is also home to an Edwardian garden.  

North Somerset Council has worked with Historic England, Nailsea Town Council and local community interest groups to produce a draft management plan which sets out joint objectives for the future of the site.  We would like your views of the draft plan.

Please read the draft managment plan for Middle Engine Pit in Nailsea.  Once you've had a chance to look at the plan, please give your views using the questionnaire below.

Middle Engine Pit photo

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  • Opened
    26 Apr 2021 at 00:00
  • Closed
    7 Jun 2021 at 23:59


Organisational Information

Contact Name Kate Hudson-McAulay
Job title Conservation and Heritage Officer
Contact Email DM.archaeology@n-somerset.gov.uk
Contact Telephone 01275 888169

Project Information

Aim of this consultation We wish to consult the public on the Draft Management Plan for Middle Engine Pit in Nailsea.
Close Date 07 Jun 2021 23:59
Consultation Topic
  • Environment - building work, transport, trees and recycling
Context for this consultation To understand what the public and especially the people of Nailsea think of the plans for the management of this heritage asset and for them to inform us if they have any concerns or ideas they would like to notify us of before we officially adopt the plan.