North Somerset Electric Vehicle Strategy

This consultation is now closed. The original text is retained here for the record.

Please read our Electric Vehicle Strategy and /or the 'At a Glance' document for increasing the uptake of Electric Vehicles in North Somerset by 2030. Let us know your views, using this accessible online questionnaire [closed] before it closes at noon on Thursday 6 April.

We are only accepting views via this questionnaire, not as individual letters or emails. The questionnaire is designed to be accessible for all. If you do need it in another format contact, us at

Electric vehicles present an opportunity to reduce tailpipe emissions and air pollution produced by motor vehicles in our communities and along our road network. It is recognised that greatest emissions reductions are likely to be realised through the decarbonisation of the energy grid. However, it is important that our steps in enabling the transition to electric vehicles happen in parallel and support the grid decarbonisation, rather than awaiting its completion.  

The strategy outlines our current position, sets a course for the scale of our network by 2030 and outlines the approach we will take to creating reliable, equitable and accessible charging provision across North Somerset.


  • Opened
    14 Feb 2023 at 13:00
  • Closed
    6 Apr 2023 at 12:00


Organisational Information

Job role or team to contact for questions Cristian Fletcher
Job title Senior Sustainable Travel & Road Safety Officer
Contact Email
Contact Telephone 01934 426340

Project Information

Aim of this consultation The aim of this consultation is to listen to the views of the residents & businesses & other organisations on the North Somerset Council Electric Vehicle Strategy to make sure that the strategy is fit for purpose in helping us to increase electric vehicle uptake in North Somerset.
Close Date 06 Apr 2023 12:00
Consultation Topic
  • Business - jobs, new business or factories
  • Communities: including local partnerships, neighbourhoods, equalities, crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Education and early years: including organisation of pre-school and schools, SEND, children’s centres
  • Environment: including rubbish and recycling, climate-related issues, parks and open spaces, footpaths
  • Housing: including home-building*, renting, homelessness
  • Culture and leisure: including libraries, tourism, the built-environment and heritage
  • Travel and transport: including public transport, active travel, traffic calming and major projects**
  • Policy: including new or changed council policies, strategies or regulations on any topic
Context for this consultation We are consulting on the document now to make sure that the public have an say in what we are proposing to do to enable the uptake of electric vehicles. With the information we receive we will make amendments to the strategy and then take the strategy to Council for adoption. It is important that we are able to adopt a strategy to allow for future funding bids and to support our climate emergency declaration. Following this strategy, we will be producing a detailed action plan of the specific measures we will be taking, including how we will design our charging locations and where these will be introduced within North Somerset.