Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
1. The requirement for 82% : 18% split as proposed in the wording should be more flexible so as to permit a wider range of permutations. This is potentially too prescriptive to cover all circumstances.

2. The presumption that provision should be "without the need for public subsidy" is not reasonable and these words should be deleted.

3. The statement that "there will be no upper limit to the potential affordable housing provision or contribution ..." is not acceptable - it is neither reasonable nor will it provide any reasonable guidance to developers etc with regard to quantification of legitimate affordable housing requirements. Further guidance should be stated upon the basis of viability analysis to be required by the Council. A maximum % of on-site provision should be included - it is suggested 30% in the absence of any such reasoned proposal from the Council.

4. The proposed imposition of a financial contribution towards the provision of affordable housing on sites of less than 15 dwellings (or sites of less than 0.5 ha) is unreasonable. The Council has not provided any reasoned analysis or justification for such a requirement, only the arbitrary approach as described in para 3.260. It is not reasonable either to include the last paragraph of the policy and leave all detail to be determined "elsewhere".

5. The requirement for the 1.5 B jobs per dwelling (or any amendment thereof) should be specifically stated as not applying to the affordable housing element.