Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 15 Mar 2010
As noted above, the HCA has major concerns with the omission of the South West Bristol
Urban Extension from the Core Strategy (discussed further below in response to Chapter 5).
In light of the vision for Locking Parklands, the HCA does however welcome the allocation of
up to 9,000 dwellings in the Weston urban extension. However, with regards to the over
supply (by 3,000) of dwellings in the Weston urban area compared to the RSS requirement,
the HCA seeks reassurance that these dwellings will be delivered wherever possible, on
previously developed land, and will not detrimentally impact upon delivering the spatial
objectives for the Weston Regeneration Area.
In the remainder of North Somerset, the HCA notes the limited scope given to future
residential developments in Clevedon, Nailsea and Portishead. We seek reassurance that,
where regeneration or community benefits can be demonstrated (including the provision of
affordable homes), residential development sites will be permitted to come forward (subject to
meeting the main policy objectives elsewhere within the Core Strategy).
With regards to the Weston Urban Extension, the HCA fully supports the Council's approach
to employment led development. However, the HCA has previously raised questions, as to
the scope of actually defining the delivery of 'employment led' development. The HCA is of
the view (and as expressed during the Locking Parklands Phase One application) that mixed
uses coming forward in tandem is the optimum way to actually deliver employment floorspace
on the ground. The HCA believes that future developments within Weston cannot redress the
housing imbalance retrospectively, but can ensure that they do not exacerbate the problem,
whilst providing exemplarily standards for future schemes. The HCA will wish to ensure an
appropriate balance of affordable housing is also provided across the Urban Extension area.
Further comments on the South West Bristol Urban Extension are provided below in
response to Chapter 5.