Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 17 Apr 2010
The Society is alarmed by the contents of the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) for the South West 2006-2026 and wishes to record its objection to the substantial development of the University land south of Long Ashton, the Barrow Hospital site and the Land Trust application (Ashton Park). First of all these proposals run counter to the spirits and aims of the Green Belt policy set out in Planning Policy Guidance note 2 Green Belts. This policy states that the purpose of a Green Belt is to:
- Check the unrestricted sprawl of large built up areas.
- Prevent neighbouring towns from merging into one another.
- Assist in safeguarding the countryside from encroachment.
- Preserve the setting and special character of historic towns.

The application by Bristol University and the Land Trust for a mixed use development with over 10,000 homes will, in our view, result in Long Ashton being subsumed by the City of Bristol. As a result Long Ashton's historic character and identity could be lost. The Land Trust proposals will sacrifice a pay and play golf course which is a valuable amenity for people not able to afford the costs of a traditional golf club as well as several miles of public footpaths including a community forest path. It will also result in a vast area of urban sprawl between the A38 and A370 which will spoil an attractive rural landscape viewed from high points around the city. Although the proposals to build 500 dwellings on land east of Failand will not affect Leigh Woods as much as the South Bristol developments we object to this further incursion into the Green Belt. Road and other transport will be put under even more pressure. Residents of Leigh Woods are concerned about the A369 Portishead via M5 to Bristol link which will be affected by the extra 10000 homes in the South Bristol extension. We take the view that no developments on the scale proposed should be permitted without major improvements to the transport network.