Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
Paragraph 1.5 rightly acknowledges that the Core Strategy must be consistent with national and regional policy. It also accepts that the emerging South West RSS (2006 - 2026) provides the regional context for this region.
The document then, however, states that the Council has objected to key elements of the RSS and refers to anticipated changes that may occur following the general election. Paragraph 1.6 - 1.7 continue by stating that this is reflected in some of the options explored in the consultation document, in particular the South West Bristol urban extension and the implications for addressing the overall RSS housing requirement. This issue is discussed in more detail later in our response, but it is important to state from the outset that the Core Strategy has to be based on the relevant regional context, which in this case is the emerging South West RSS (as recognised by paragraph 1.5). Government advice is clear in stating that this is a material consideration and should be taken into account by Local Planning Authorities when progressing their LDF documents. It is therefore not appropriate to speculate about possible changes to the emerging RSS and ignore some of the guidance clearly set out within it.
The soundness of he Core Strategy, in respect of the approach taken to the housing requirement, is called into question given that the Council has not worked to the levels set out in the emerging South West RSS, namely 26,750. By failing to include the sustainable urban extension to South West Bristol and instead working towards a requirement of 17,750 the Core Strategy is not consistent with regional policy, as required by national policy guidance.
Paragraph 1.7 also notes that the housing requirement for the rest of the district will be aggregated together for housing availability purposes, with priority given to the Weston SSCT. The Core Strategy should, however, treat the requirements for the Weston SSCT and the 'remainder of North Somerset' separately, as per the requirements of the emerging RSS. This matter is dealt with in more detail later in this response.