Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

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Response Date 19 Feb 2010
The plan to build 9000 new homes, equivilent to a new town the size of Clevedon, in this locality is devoid of sense.

The area is in the flood-plain according to the Environment Agency. There is mention in the Plan of the need for enhanced flood defences, but who is to pay for this - are the council tax payers of North Somerset expected to fund such an expensive and ultimately futile scheme?

Further, new development will only make any flood risk worse, with water run off from roads, driveways and other built up areas.

In terms of sustainability, even the Council's own consultants, Broadway Malyan, have voiced significant concerns over the site's deliverabilty and viabilty. Any development would need to be employment led in terms with developers which were stringent and binding. Any requirements should be targeted, and numerically measurable.