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Response Date 20 Jan 2010
Some 12,000 new dwellings are identified for delivery within Weston-super-Mare for the period to 2026 (including 3,000 within the urban area and 9,000 as part of the Weston urban extension at Locking Castle). (Although the latter will deliver past 2026).
The Council's resistance to an urban extension, involving loss of Green Belt land to the south west of Bristol, is recognised, and while this will continue to be explored given the emerging contents of the RSS, AGM would endorse the general principles of the Core Strategy that should first focus large scale new housing and employment growth to Weston-super-Mare.
It is accepted that the delivery of new housing within the Weston urban area is likely to exceed the RSS requirement of 3,000 dwellings over the planned period, but as referred to above, this likely over provision should not give cause for concern, given the likely slower delivery of new housing on planned urban extensions, and also given the sustainability and regeneration benefits of the development of 'brownfield' sites within the urban areas.
The regeneration benefits of new development coming forward, as early as possible, both within the urban area and on the Airfield site are recognised. The CS identifies the need for the Airfield urban extension proposals to be employment led.
The delivery and mix of development on available 'brownfield' sites within the urban area will very much depend upon the site's location; the existing uses which may be displaced; and the need to meet other retail and tourism based objectives of the RSS. Whilst some employment related development may form part of these smaller urban sites their future development will not necessairly be employment led in the same way as the Airfield urban extension.
Suggested amendment: Recognition that the employment element of sites within Weston Urban Area can be met from non Class B uses, ie retail/hotel/leisure, etc.