Core Strategy - Consultation Draft

Chapter 4: Area Policies

Area Policies Background

  • These policies pull together the overall strategic policy requirements relating to specific areas. These demonstrate how the area visions and priority objectives (Chapter 2) will be addressed, and should be read in conjunction with the spatial policies set out in Chapter 3.
  • The area policies bring together the different policy strands and include the infrastructure requirements (environmental, social, and economic) necessary to deliver development in a sustainable way.

CS28 Weston-super-Mare

CS29 Weston-super-Mare Town Centre

CS30 Weston Urban Extension

CS31 Market and Coastal Towns

CS32 Service Villages

CS33 Smaller Settlements and Countryside

  • No specific area policy is included for the South West Bristol urban extension as proposed in the RSS. Chapter 5 explores the issues and options related to this proposal.