North Somerset Local Plan 2038 Challenges and Choices Part 1: Challenges for the Future

Local Plan 2038: Challenges for the Future

What should our vision be for 2038?

What should our vision be for 2038?

The new Local Plan will be based on the new corporate values of open, fair and green and reflect the way we want to live in the future. Through this document we want to understand what you feel the vision for North Somerset should be, what are the key aims we should be looking to achieve and what should be the priorities in terms of accommodating new homes and jobs over the next fifteen years.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic we suggested a vision of what a new Local Plan should be aiming to achieve. It stated:

By 2038 there will be a transformation in the way we live which reflects a more responsible attitude to climate change and the use of resources. New homes, buildings and communities will be highly sustainable, accessible and attractive places with higher quality standards. There will be more diversity in terms of the form and type of new development to increase variety and choice to better meet the needs of all, create jobs and to tackle inequality. Regeneration will transform and breathe new life into existing towns and valued areas will be protected. People’s well-being, a strong sense of community, opportunity and fairness will be at the heart of all development in North Somerset.

QUESTION 11: In light of the world we now live in is this vision still appropriate for the future?