Supplementary Consultation for Proposed expansion to Baytree Special School, including location onto a second site


  • Opened
    20 Sep 2021 at 10:00
  • Closed
    22 Oct 2021 at 12:00
  • Response Published
    31 Dec 2021

Summary of Results

Consultation Documents


Organisational Information

Contact Name School Organisation Team
Job title School Organisation Officer
Contact Email
Contact Telephone 01275 888359/888619

Project Information

Aim of this consultation In September and October 2019, the Council asked for views on its proposal to expand Baytree School onto a second site. Whilst there is no legal requirement to carry out consultations before publicising an intention to make changes to a school through a statutory process, it is right that the Council seeks the views of stakeholders to these changes before a public notice is published.
Close Date 22 Oct 2021 12:00
Consultation Topic
  • Community - neighbourhoods, equalities, youth offending and registrar
  • Education - schools and adult learning
  • Environment - building work, transport, trees and recycling
  • Social care - families, addictions, adoption and domestic abuse
Context for this consultation Working through the necessary steps to secure a site with planning approval has delayed the progress of the school expansion process. It has been almost two years since we completed the original consultation, so we need to check that the initial views of respondents have not significantly changed.